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Yukinori Mutoh Daiichi Freight System, Inc., provides comprehensive transportation services to our customers, which includes the hands-on LTL (Less than Truckload) transportation utilizing our own network throughout Japan and own truck fleet and facilities, inclusive of warehousing. Furthermore, we provide a complete range of services relating to every aspect of logistics needs. Hence, we play integral role in support of the Supply Chain Management of the customers. Thus, we aim to be a true TLSP (Total Logistics Service Provider).

In working toward that goal, Daiichi Freight System, Inc. makes continuous efforts and investments in the maintenance and expansion of our facilities, the self-sufficiency of the network franchise, the optimization of our transportation service and the improvement of our collection and delivery service, and enhancement of the information system that supports aforementioned activities. We constantly aim "to construct and further improve the more reliable transportation system" and "to provide the highest quality of transportation".

It has been said that with the dawn of a new age of logistics services, the needs for the better logistics servicing of customers change from the mere reduction of the cost toward the diversification, the advancement and the optimization of logistics. To meet this changing demand to provide more innovative ideas, we will increase the skill of transportation planning and implementation, the proposal and development of advanced information systems with all our unremitting attention. Our goal is to be a TLSP who can create and provide value for customers through our services.

We know, the consciousness of the environmental problem is growing on a global scale, customers should be exempt from the effort to cope with this challenge. We are accelerating our efforts to reduce the environmental impact from our own company. In this way, we contribute directly to the resolution of the environmental problem with which the customers wrestle.

We are ready to be your Total Logistics Service Provider.

President and Chief Executive Officer Yukinori Mutoh