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Our Services

About Our Logistics Management

We support your business with the best logistics management available today. We have cultivated the know-how of the WMS (Warehouse Management System) and LTL (Less than Truckload) as our core business. Through this service and with the transportation by our trucks, we consistently support all processes such as the supply, the physical distribution in your centers, the sales and the delivery.

Our Support System

Through Regular Meetings

We hold regular meetings to report and share the information of our performance. Through these meetings, knowledge of the social environment and the fluctuation of the market needs, we try to improve our business.

Contents of Support

Our professional staff and system support the best physical distribution for you.

Construction of Centers

-Using a third party warehousing

We put our office in a warehouse of another company to avoid the capital investment.

-Using a warehouse of the customer

We put an office in your existing warehouse.

-Using our own warehouse

We unify a center with a terminal.

-Building a warehouse

We or you construct the new warehouse at the best location.

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

We develop the original WMS for you with our know-how of WMS.

Point 1. Considering from the planning of business and systems to deliver, we propose the most efficient systems.
2. Adopting the efficient Material Handling.
3. Planning the proper staffing.