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Our Services

Customer Center

We provide the real time information of your freight.

1. Status of your freight
2. Freight Rates
3. Lead Time (the necessary day to delivery)
4. Pickup Order
5. Confirmation of the delivery completion

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Service

We have developed a system of shipment status updates insuring a real-time information exchange. If you need to confirm, we provide information about your shipment, freight rates and status of your freight that support various protocols.

DENZOU: WEB shipment support system

"DENZOU" is the online support system of the shipment. This system simplifies your needed paper-work about the shipment, for example, you can output an invoice and a tag easily.

POS (Parcel Online System)

At our POS, we put the barcodes on the freight and check the status of it at each step of the process such as the collection, shipment, arrival, allotment and delivery. You can check the status of your freight online too.