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Our Services

LTL (Less than Truckload)

Accepting customers' freight at the local office, we combine and sort cargoes from multiple customers by the destination source and then speed it to delivery. This system, LTL (Less than Truckload), is more efficient and low-cost for each customer than the system to charter a truckload. In addition, our professional staff take charge of each process along the way such as the acceptance and the delivery. At every step of the process we read the barcodes of each piece of freight, so you can know exactly where your freight is at anytime.

Regular Service

We deliver your freight anywhere, anytime.
You can request your preferred delivery date and time.

COD (Collect on Delivery) Service

In the case of a department store, a mail-order firm, e-commerce and others, we can collect money on your behalf utilizing our COD service.
We manage the online system utilizing your unique B/L (bill of lading) number.

Medical and Health Care Supplies

We deliver cooperatively medical and health care supplies from all over Japan to the Tohoku region (Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, Yamagata and Fukushima prefectures.) We consolidate the products at our office in Sendai City and deliver to each wholesaler regularly. This system realizes an improvement of the CS of many wholesalers, because consolidating freight delivered leads to greater efficiency.

Home Delivery Service

With attention to personalized service, we deliver gifts, personal gifts and mail-order products from department stores and/or supermarkets.

Parcel Service

Using an exclusive container or truck, we deliver your parcels speedily and surely, so it is economical and convenient for you.


For perishables, we use a refrigerated container and provide the service as "Chilled Yu-Pack" in cooperation with the Japan Post Service Co., Ltd..


JITBOX Charter Service

JITBOX Charter Service is a new-type of charter service utilizing boxes. The roll box pallet used in this service has a strong iron surface, enabling maximum interior protection. Having a capacity of 1.8 cubic meters and 600kg, it is suitable to send small-scale freight frequently. When necessary, individualized quantities of products can be delivered safely.

1. High Quality

The box protects your freight, so you have no need to wrap your freight excessively allowing for greater ecological transport as well as greater protection.

2. Cost Saving

We provide this service with optimal cost performance.

3. Delivery Time

You can request the time of delivery. With this option, the Just-in-Time delivery is realizable.

Charter Service

The service of chartering trucks for delivery without your freight being transshipped and consolidated with other customers' freight is available. This is suitable for freight that must not be consolidated. We prepare trucks fitted to your demand, collect and deliver at the time you request. Supplying the only necessary quantity of freight when it is required, you can control the stock with maximum flexibility.

With one truck, we can collect the freight at several points according to your needs.

1. Chartering One Truck

We deliver your freight by one truck chartered for you.

2. Round Transportation

For example, we load materials at the manufacturing plant and deliver them to factory A, B and C. Then we collect the products from factory A, B and C, and deliver them to the manufacturing plant.

3. Milk Run Transportation

We collect parts and materials from multiple suppliers and deliver to the manufacturing plant. If you request the collection by using returnable containers, we pick them up at the time of the collection.


Air Cargo

We provide a rapid and punctual transportation service with the combination of our network of air and of ground coordination. By the user-friendly and reliable system, we deliver any freight such as clothes, documents, films of news, works of art, perishables and delicate equipment.

-Special Delivery

Loading your freight during the morning, we can deliver it to the major cities such as Sapporo, Akita, Sendai, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka during the day.

-Overnight Delivery

Accepting your freight in the evening, we deliver it to most parts of Japan during the morning of the following day. (In some areas, the following day.)

This service is economical.

-Truck and Air Service

By truck and air, we deliver to all major cities during the following day.
This service is economical.

-Chartering Service

If you request the instant delivery, we deliver by the Chartering Service at the time specified, day or night.

-Fresh Delivery

We deliver perishable as specialties in the most expeditious manner.

International Freight

We act as your customs broker. At our bonded warehouse in Yamagata prefecture, we keep your freight, pack, load it and go through the customs formalities and so on. You can use this service for your import and export needs.